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Kiev City Guide

Kiev (Kyiv) by daylight

The capital of Ukraine is said to be the cheapest capital of Europe. With consistently low prices you can get amazing value for your money and enjoy a thrilling weekend without going broke.

With its cultural heritage there is a lot to see in Kiev. But nothing can match the city's selection of adrenaline-pumping activities ideal for you and your mates. Everything from Kalashnikov Shooting to a Yacht Cruise on the Dnieper river straight in the middle of Kiev is available.

With a humid continental climate the city experiences summer temperatures just above 25°C and winter temperatures of about 0°C.

Kiev's population falls just short of 3 million meaning you definitely won't be bored in this lively city. Especially not after the sun has set.

Kiev Nightlife

Kiev nightlife is all about beautiful women

In Kiev you can get anything from a craft beer at an underground pub to a fancy cocktail & shisha in trendy lounge bar.

Check out the historic city centre for the hottest local clubs and pubs. Start your night by visiting one of the rooftop bars that offer amazing views of the sunset.

Khreshchatyk street is very popular among tourists. Closed to cars during weekends and holidays it features Arena City, a cluster of bars and clubs located inside a historical building.

The clubs which are filled with alcohol for unrivaled prices and beautiful local babes usually open after 10 PM and then remain opened all the way through the night.

The ideal time for a crazy night out in the lively streets of Kiev is during the weekend.

Kiev Practical Tips

Central Kiev is popular for stag groups

Kiev boasts two international airports with flights from the UK taking just above 3 hours.

Try out Ukraine's spirit horilka which is the local name for vodka, although may be flavored with an infusion of herbs, berries or roots in this strong alcohol.
Other typical local drinks include spotykach which is a sweet drink made from berries, spices and vodka and medovukha which is a mead-like drink made from fermented honey.
If you are more of a beer person then try Chernigivske, Obolon or Lvivske.

The currency in Ukraine is hryvnia (sign: грн; code: UAH). The exchange rate is around 1 EUR = 30,00 UAH, but tends to vary.

The official language of the country is Ukrainian and many local speak Russian as well (which is somehow similar to Ukrainian).
Trying with only English outside the city centre will be hard, but in the central venues you may achieve basic understanding.

Some useful words you might need include:

  • "Vitayu" = hello
  • "Do pobačennja" = goodbye
  • "Budʹ laska" = please
  • "D’akuju" = thank you
  • "Odne pyvo, budʹ laska" = One beer please
  • "Ya ne rozmovliaju ukrajinśkoju" = I don't speak Ukrainian

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