This Boutique Hotel is located in the heart of Kiev's cultural quarter just across the street from numerous Kiev's night clubs, pubs, restaurants and karaoke-bars.

It offers 80 luxury rooms in seven different room-types ranging from Comfort room category through more generous Business rooms up to one-of-a-kind Presidential Suite, all of them equipped with high-quality amenities.
We particularly recommend the Executive suite with the stunning combination of jacuzzi right within the bedroom (this is the ideal place where your stag should receive any kind local long-legged visits).

The hotel also operates two restaurants. The all-day restaurant is situated on the second floor features terrace overlooking the bustling city center. The second is lounge-restaurant-terrace Cote d'Azur on seventh floor - a unique place with the most beautiful views of the historic part of old town and Dnipro river. During summer the service includes 24-hours bar with open-air seating providing wide selection of cocktails, shots & coffees.

Attentive service is the standard here and the reception & concierge will try to the limit to deliver what they asked for. English is spoken as frequent as local Ukrainian here, so you will not feel like foreigner should you be familiar with up-class hospitality.

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