Upon arrival in the country you are lawfully allowed to bring up to 1 000 USD (Aprox. 600 GBP) in cash. The credit cards that are widely accepted are VISA, MasterCard, EuroCard/MasterCard, Maestro and Visa Electron. We cannot however guarantee that American Express cards will be accepted everywhere. We do not recommend carrying large amounts of cash on your person because there are many ATMs around Kiev where you can withdrawal cash.



The price of alcohol differs in pubs, bars and clubs. Such prices may be dependent on the location of the venue within Kiev. We have compiled a list of price ranges for beer and spirits:READ_MORE

  • In bars and pubs a pint of beer costs 2 Eur / GBP 1,80 - 4 Eur / GBP 3,50
  • In clubs a pint of beer is from 2,90 Eur / GBP 2,60 to 4,10 Eur / GBP 3,70
  • One shot of vodka (usually 40ml or 50ml) can range from 1 Eur for Ukrainian vodka and from 3 Eur for imported vodka


In a typical restaurant in Kiev you can find a wide range of national and international cuisine, making it easy for you to try the traditional Ukrainian delicacies, when in the same venue you could also order an Italian or Asian dish! Average meal prices range from:

  • A quick pizza's base price would be 3,50 Eur / GBP 3,20
  • A meal from a cheap lunch menu begins at 5 Eur / GBP 4,50 to 8 Eur / GBP 7,20 (and is available from Monday to Friday).
  • Steak meal is more expensive from 17 Eur / GBP 15,30 to 40 Eur / GBP 36


You can go about catching a taxi in Kiev in two ways: you can call a taxi to collect you from a specific destination, or you can hail a taxi car on the street or road side (that you haven't pre-booked). However, if you are to go about getting a taxi in the second manner, we recommend that before you get in the taxi, you inform the driver of your intended destination and that you inquire as to how much it will be approximately - that way prices can be negotiated. It happens occasionally that a taxi driver may not agree on your price or destination, however, not to worry because you can always catch another one!

  • The base price for a taxi ride is from 3 Eur / GBP 2,70

Public Transport

There are many ways to get around Kiev, including using its bustling public transport system. 
Bus, tram, trolley bus or underground - there are so many ways to find your way in this city.
However due to the language barrier our customers rarely opt to use the public transport system. They usually use a taxi service because they are reasonably priced and much less confusing.


The weather in Kiev is mild, with the average temperature in July being 25° C and in winter it gets to about -6° C.

Time difference

Kiev is in the East European time zone, with a time difference of +2 hours in summer and due to daylight saving in winter it becomes +3 hours.


Visas are NOT required for travelers from the European Union, UK, Norway, Switzerland, Israel, USA, Canada, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Japan, South Korea, Australia and several other countries.

Kiev Travel Guide

When most people think of the Ukraine they think of Russia and its harsh winters. However, Ukraine actually has a temperate climate, much like the rest of Western Europe, and in the south of the country its coast meets the Black Sea. Its location can make for very hot summers, with temperatures comparable to that of countries with coasts on the Mediterranean.

Kiev is also a lot closer that you might expect - air travel from the UK takes about 3 hours 10 minutes (which is the same flying time as most European hot spots). Hotels and apartments are modern, comfortable and Westernized, ranging from two star hotels and studios to five-star hotels and deluxe apartments with built-in jacuzzis and saunas!

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine located among the hills that overlook the Dnipro (Dnepr) River in the north central region of the country. Though the modern city offers all of the amenities of a large city, less than half of its area has been urbanized, leaving more than 100 square miles of green parks & spaces, fields and forests, giving it a humble impression over all. With 32 museums, 33 theaters and a variety of art exhibitions on throughout the year, there are many cultural events on in Kiev.

Kiev also has a wide variety of cafes and restaurants, that cater for every taste. We recommend O'Brien's Irish Pub if your wanting a bevvy that reminds you of home, or if you're looking for something a little more edgy and hipster the Wagon Restaurant made up of train wagons and platforms, offers something a little different.

With a happening night life the range of casinos and nightclubs are not going to disappoint! Ukrainians take their live events pretty seriously and with live music shows and strip bars, the shows can get pretty elaborate including fireworks for instance. The night action usually begins at about 23:00 and the party goes on all night, with many clubs staying open until 6am (so let's just home you have the party-stamina).

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