Departure from Kiev (around 9.00 AM)
Arrival to Chernobyl. Meeting with the leadership of 'Chernobylinterinform' Agency.
Sightseeing of reactor # 4(from 100 m. distance).
Stop near the 'Red forest'.
Calling in 'Opachychi' village, meeting with 're-settlers', people who have moved back to their villages after evacuation(optional).
Return to Kiev (around 6.00 PM)
Drive to Chernobyl with passing 'Dytyatky' (on the border of the 30 km 'Zone of Estrangement').
On the way to Power Plant we pass 10-km border and check point
Visit to Pripyat. Sightseeing of 'Dead town'.
Return to Chernobyl.
Visit to the Scientific Centre (physical, radio-chemical laboratories and others).
Passage through Control Point 'Dytyatky'. Measuring of radiation.
Duration of the event

The entire Chernobyl Tour takes 9 hours, which may vary slightly based on the traffic. The return is around 18:00 (6.00 PM) to the same hotel in downtown Kiev.

Safety rules
Safety rules

The tour is available only for persons aged 18 and more years.

Place where event takes place

The tour starts from a centrally located hotel in Kiev

The 9 hours full day tour includes two-way transfer from Kiev, pre-registered entry to the restricted area around Chernobyl, sightseeing of the reactor nr. 4 (from safe distance of 100 meters), visit to dead-town Pripyat with famous rusty roundabout, lunch, visit of scientific center, meeting with "re-settlers" who are living within the restricted area.

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