Weapons rental
Necessary safety gear
10 shots with pistol
25 shots at clay shooting
15 shots with Kalashnikov rifle (AKM Assault Rifle) in automatic mode
Beer (after shooting)
Two-way transfer
Shooting range rental
7 shots with revolver (Nagant M1895 revolver)
5 shots with Mosin rifle (Mosin-Nagant Rifle)
5 shots with Kalashnikov rifle (AKM Assault Rifle) in semi-automatic mode
10 shots withSVD Dragunov sniper rifle
English speaking professional instructor or translation to English
Female guide
Maximum, minimum or recommended number of persons
Group size

From 1 persons

Duration of the event

4-6 hours with transfers

In which season is event available

All year long

Place where event takes place

Shooting range is 25 minutes from downtown

Behavior notes for the customers
Behaviour notes

The instructor may refuse any person, that he judges to be not able to perform this activity.

The range of weapons will make even an experienced marksman happy.

 Schooting can be combined with the possibility to have a tasty BBQ lunch and beers.

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