Table reservation in top Kiev restaurant
Two rounds of vodka
Three course dinner
Female guide
Maximum, minimum or recommended number of persons
Group size

From 6 persons

Duration of the event

Around 1,5 hours

In which season is event available

All year long

Recommended attire for event
Dress notes

Smart casual is the best option

Place where event takes place

Downtown, usually in walking distance

The three course feast with such traditional options as Ukrainian filled dumplings (called varenyky), hazelnut Kiev cake or any other dish from wide selection of meat, fish and vegetarian meals.

The best timing for this event is in early evening, as you will get a lot of energy for much wilder late night activities.

According to popular local habit there are two shots of vodka included with the menu.

As the Ukrainian kitchen is not especially spicy, there may be a hot extra after the dessert that will excite your erotic appetite.

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