Group of three or five Ukrainian female models joining the nightlife program of the group for 4 hours
Maximum, minimum or recommended number of persons
Group size

Recommended for groups as of 4 persons

Duration of the event

4 hours

In which season is event available

All-year activity

Options of payment deposit
Payment & Deposit

Further costs with drinks and entry fees for the girls are to be covered by the group.

Behavior notes for the customers
Behaviour notes

Respectable behavior of the entire group is expected, otherwise the girls are allowed to interrupt their service without any compensation.

These girls are damn hot and all have been working as photo models or at fashion shows (actually they are arranged via a reputable modelling agency).

With such gorgeous company at his side, the stag may even start rethinking his marriage decision.

The mannequins are aged around 20 - 25 years, some speak medium English and will join the group at bar tour or visit to a nightclub.

Any additional costs (drinks, entry fees) have to be covered by the group.

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